NYC Truck Terror Attack

The Moon is in Pisces today applying to the ongoing Saturn-Chiron square in Sagittarius-Pisces that has been in effect for the past year or so. This square is one of the foundations of the 2016-17 Grand Mutable Cross and the 9/11 Planetary Signature.

The Islamist/Leftist Terror Nexus can be seen as a coin with radical Islamic terror on one side and globalist totalitarian leftist terror on the other.

Since Saturn entered Sagittarius for the first time in December 2014, concurrent with the Ferguson riots and preceding the Charlie Hebdo attack; and for the second time in September 2015, preceding the Bataclan attack and concurrent with the escalation of leftist violence from difuse groups in the USA and Europe; a dynamic has unfolded involving the Islamist/Leftist Terror Nexus in which attacks with the face of one side of that coin occur simultaneously or followed closely by attacks with the face of the other side of the coin.

In 2016, as Saturn became involved with Jupiter and Neptune by hard angles, acts of political violence and terror exploded on the world stage. 2017 has been no slouch either.

As Saturn transits the last degrees of Sagittarius for the final time, not only squaring Chiron in Pisces for the third time, but also in its third trine to Uranus in Aries (a fiery influence, that); and then leaves fanatical Sagittarius for good in December; we are witnessing the “grand finale”, so to speak, of the 2016-17 Grand Mutable Cross and 9/11 Planetary Signature.

Today’s NYC terror attack (near Ground Zero, no less), is one act among several that already played and several that are set to play, in that finale. God bless and keep us!

FBI: US left wing groups met with Al Qaeda and ISIS leaders

FBI: US left wing groups met with Al Qaeda and ISIS leaders

Lost in the melee of current events is the recent bombshell FBI report (detailed in the linked article) about the connection between the radical American left and international Islamic jihad. The report cites evidence that American leftists have conspired in Germany and Syria with foreign ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists to launch attacks inside the United States.

So the FBI finally established the link between domestic leftist terrorism and international Islamic terrorism that I have been forecasting astrologically for two years.

The Mars/Antares/Saturn Conjunction – Details the astrological indicators of political violence into domestic terrorism around the USA 2016 presidential election.

2016 Grand Mutable Cross II – June 12 –  Details the configuration of planets around the Pulse Nightclub Islamist terror attack. Embedded in it is my writing from December 7, 2015, Holding the Centerwhich covers the 9/11 Planetary Signature that has been active since that time and the corresponding surge in weaponized mainstream media propaganda.

And most recently:

StarCross and the Rise of ISIS – Details the rare series of six-pointed Stars of David into which the planets have arranged themselves intermittently over the past two and a half years.  Under these, we’ve witnessed not just the spread of Islamic terror, but also the merging of ISIS with American ISIS.

This has been a Deep State operation (that probably has a name which we will find out later) with the goal of wiping out sovereign nations – especially Western nations – by dissolving their borders (enabling the free trafficking of money, drugs and people) and  replacing their populations in a bid to force a totalitarian system of unelected, unaccountable global governance upon the world.

This is also intimately connected with the current Deep State operation to take down the duly-elected sitting President of the United States who, with the backing of tens of millions of Americans, has taken a brave stand against the globalist takeover of our nation, which was supposed to be completed under Hillary Clinton.  The Deep State would like to assassinate Trump like they did Kennedy, and, indeed, incitement to that act has been ongoing since 2015.  The only reason they haven’t done it already is that the American people are on to them.  Doesn’t mean they won’t still try, though.  Meanwhile, they’ve resorted to a ruthless campaign to assassinate his character, his presidency and his base.

How fascinating and, indeed, auspicious it is that the last of the secret JFK files have been released during this time.

As events unfold, it is important to recognize that fringe white supremacist activity is also organized and funded by the Deep State. To heighten suspicion and fear and deepen divisions, the Deep State is playing both sides, which is nothing new.

Also very important to note is that the conservative activism (MAGA) groups being targeted for leftist violence are NOT white nationalist/supremacist, but rather courageous everyday American patriots who have taken a stand against the anti-American objectives of the Deep State globalists.

Although it’s always interesting to see my forecasts become headlines, this is not about patting myself on the back.  This is about giving folks a heads up on what’s coming, with the radical left’s “Nov 4 It Begins” operation set to kick off this Saturday.

The main organizer of this operation, the Refuse Fascism group, is a collection of rabid Marxist revolutionaries, a Deep State front group, financed by globalists like George Soros.  Obama and Hillary are probably behind them too, as are any number of “Billionaires at the Barricades” as Laura Ingraham puts it.

Refuse Fascism has been around since the days of George W. Bush, who they hated as “Hitler!”  They take over the streets without permits and harass and harangue the public by blocking traffic and screeching Communist propaganda through bullhorns.  They participate in unlawful activity just short of physical violence.  That, they leave to black-masked and armed Antifa.


Antifa, for two years, have been in the streets of America and Europe terrorizing and brutalizing their political opposition and destroying property with near impunity; and now we learn from the FBI that they recently met with ISIS and Al Qaeda leaders in Germany.

The June 2017 attack on the Republican baseball practice (in which the Majority Whip was almost killed) and the 1 October Massacre in Las Vegas are both probably connected to this creature of the Deep State, the Islamist/Leftist Terror Nexus.

Heads up to Atlanta, where Refuse Fascism, Antifa and others are supposed to meet in Little Five Points this Saturday at 6 pm.  It’ll be interesting to see if Black Lives Matter joins them. They’ve got operations underway in California (San Francisco and Los Angeles) and twelve other states too.

Keep in mind, any white supremacist activity is staged!

And remember, it only just begins on November 4.


Great American Solar Eclipse: A Date With Destiny

These visuals are done for the Point of Greatest Eclipse at Hopkinsville, Kentucky on August 21, 2017.
17 GATSE 4
Partial eclipse begins at 12:33 pm with Moon applying to conjunction at 3 minutes of arc away from Sun. Venus, which will become brighter as the eclipse completes, is just visible to the west and south.
17 GATSE 5
Totality, with stars and planets.  Stars denoted are those possibly visible overhead as well as a few others in the constellation Leo.  Regulus will probably be visible, as will Pollux over in Gemini.  The other Leo stars may be too faint.  Of the planets, Venus will be shining brightly, while Mercury and Mars may be within the streams of the corona and thus probably not visible.  But they are there and part of this magnificent heavenly dance. With a clear view of the southeastern horizon, one might glimpse Jupiter in Libra; and on the western horizon, Sirius, the Dog Star.


17 GATSE 6
Totality, with Sun, Moon, stars, planets and constellation lines and art

Although many people are looking forward to this rare celestial event as a cosmic distraction from earthly travails (i.e., “politics”), no astrologer can study it without noting that the President of the United States has important placements near the Eclipse Point. (Leo 30).

Just 8 minutes of arc away from Regulus Star in Leo 29.50, and 1 degree and 5 minutes away from the Eclipse in Leo 28.53, lies Donald J. Trump’s natal Ascendant in Leo 29.58. His Mars in Leo 26.47 is close enough to be in orb.

Interestingly, his National Security Adviser, H.R. McMaster (“General Doctor McMaster”), has natal Uranus there too:

17 GATSE 7

Thus, not only is Regulus (King Star, Heart of the Lion) rising in Trump’s chart, with Mars (God of War) very close; but McMaster’s revolutionary, volatile Uranus in Leo rises in Trump’s chart as well. Moreover, this Leo foursome (Trump’s Mars and Regulus Rising and McMaster’s Uranus) will be contacted by the Great American Solar Eclipse in Leo.

US President Donald Trump and National Security Adviser H. R. McMaster board Air Force One before departing from Andrews Air Force Base for Miami, Florida on June 16, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / MANDEL NGAN (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

Whatever may be going on behind the scenes between these two men, they most assuredly have a date with destiny.

StarCross and the Rise of ISIS

The Rise of ISIS, May 2014




The Rise of American ISIS (aka “Antifa”) into August 2017

StarCross 08-16-17 4





American ISIS:

American ISIS



American ISIS:

American ISIS 3



American ISIS:




American ISIS:




Isis destroy Palmyra statues

American ISIS under the Great American Solar Eclipse:


American ISIS, Solar Eclipse Week:


*Domestic terror watch for the American South.

Cor Leonis: An Energized Point in the Heavens

Planets conjoin Regulus Star in the Heart of the Lion (Leo 30) one after another for the next six weeks, including Mercury (3x); the Sun and Moon on August 21; and Mars and Venus in September.

Below, the Moon/Mercury/Regulus conjunction in Leo 30 of July 25, 2017, less than a degree away from the Great American Solar Eclipse point in Leo 29.


17 GATSE 1

Rising over the eastern horizon at mid morning, these heavenly bodies aren’t visible, but the Stellarium software allows the atmosphere to be turned off so that we can see how they would appear if they were visible.

The Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, occurring at high noon directly overhead, will be visible.  This is what it would like with the constellation art and the atmosphere turned off.

17 GATSE 2

Polar Vortex Redux: Grand Cardinal Cross with a Pisces Stellium

Pisces Moon Conjunct Pisces Stellium – January 2-4, 2017

Rising in the First House in the Sign of the Fish are (in order by degree):

  • venuss_piscol-18 – Venus in Pisces
  • southnodes_piscol-18 – Moon’s South Node in Pisces
  • neptunes_piscol-18 – Neptune in Pisces
  • marss_piscol-18 – Mars in Pisces
  • moons_piscol-18 – Moon in Pisces
  • chirons_piscol-18 – Chiron in Pisces

That’s a lot of planetary weight in one sign! Which generally means that the archetypal symbolism of the sign (in this case, ultra-watery Pisces), becomes manifest and is easily seen in our everyday lives.

Grand Cardinal Cross of January 11-13, 2017


  • moons_cancol-18 – Moon in Cancer (full)
  • suns_capcol-18 – Sun in Capricorn
  • pluto2s_capcol-18 – Pluto in Capricorn
  • jupiters_libcol-18 – Jupiter in Libra
  • uranuss_aricol-18 – Uranus in Aries

Virgo Moon Opposite Pisces Stellium – January 15-17, 2017


Hillary’s Pain

I don’t know what the cause is (though I surmise a traumatic childhood along with innate sociopathic tendencies), but the woman has a deep well of emotional pain that she has never worked through and thus never healed.  It festers inside her.  And for her festering pain she intends to punish Americans (and Libyans, Syrians and Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis, Ukrainians and Russians,  Mexicans, Hondurans and Haitians, Egyptians and Sudanese, Germans and French, Italians and Austrians and Swedes and so on and on…), as she has been doing for decades: projecting her pain onto the little people, taking it out on on total strangers – men, women and children completely unrelated to whatever is the root cause of the unfathomable, dark and twisted psychic complex the woman is afflicted with.  She is truly ill and a menace to the world.

I know this from studying her natal Scorpio stellium in tight square to her elevated malefic Leo triple conjunction.

So beware, liberty-loving Americans!  If she can just take the US Presidency, she can laser focus on us now.  She can really get her claws and stinger into us!

We should see the real Hillary in the next few days, probably on or about 11/04/16.  The violent, ruthless, spiteful, pathological Hillary, the one that a host of people who have had associations with her over the decades (including Secret Service agents, Arkansas State Policemen, and Bill’s sex partners and rape victims) have insisted is the true Hillary who most people rarely see because she’s so diabolically clever at masking herself. Well, no more.

Her mask came off for a few moments in Ft. Lauderdale today, but this is just a small revelation compared to what’s coming.

Welcome to the light, HRC.


A Glimpse of the Real Hillary (for the glorious visuals)

And here is the bone-chilling audio: