NYC Truck Terror Attack

The Moon is in Pisces today applying to the ongoing Saturn-Chiron square in Sagittarius-Pisces that has been in effect for the past year or so. This square is one of the foundations of the 2016-17 Grand Mutable Cross and the 9/11 Planetary Signature.

The Islamist/Leftist Terror Nexus can be seen as a coin with radical Islamic terror on one side and globalist totalitarian leftist terror on the other.

Since Saturn entered Sagittarius for the first time in December 2014, concurrent with the Ferguson riots and preceding the Charlie Hebdo attack; and for the second time in September 2015, preceding the Bataclan attack and concurrent with the escalation of leftist violence from difuse groups in the USA and Europe; a dynamic has unfolded involving the Islamist/Leftist Terror Nexus in which attacks with the face of one side of that coin occur simultaneously or followed closely by attacks with the face of the other side of the coin.

In 2016, as Saturn became involved with Jupiter and Neptune by hard angles, acts of political violence and terror exploded on the world stage. 2017 has been no slouch either.

As Saturn transits the last degrees of Sagittarius for the final time, not only squaring Chiron in Pisces for the third time, but also in its third trine to Uranus in Aries (a fiery influence, that); and then leaves fanatical Sagittarius for good in December; we are witnessing the “grand finale”, so to speak, of the 2016-17 Grand Mutable Cross and 9/11 Planetary Signature.

Today’s NYC terror attack (near Ground Zero, no less), is one act among several that already played and several that are set to play, in that finale. God bless and keep us!

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