Cor Leonis: An Energized Point in the Heavens

Planets conjoin Regulus Star in the Heart of the Lion (Leo 30) one after another for the next six weeks, including Mercury (3x); the Sun and Moon on August 21; and Mars and Venus in September.

Below, the Moon/Mercury/Regulus conjunction in Leo 30 of July 25, 2017, less than a degree away from the Great American Solar Eclipse point in Leo 29.


17 GATSE 1

Rising over the eastern horizon at mid morning, these heavenly bodies aren’t visible, but the Stellarium software allows the atmosphere to be turned off so that we can see how they would appear if they were visible.

The Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, occurring at high noon directly overhead, will be visible.  This is what it would like with the constellation art and the atmosphere turned off.

17 GATSE 2