Polar Vortex Redux: Grand Cardinal Cross with a Pisces Stellium

Pisces Moon Conjunct Pisces Stellium – January 2-4, 2017

Rising in the First House in the Sign of the Fish are (in order by degree):

  • venuss_piscol-18 – Venus in Pisces
  • southnodes_piscol-18 – Moon’s South Node in Pisces
  • neptunes_piscol-18 – Neptune in Pisces
  • marss_piscol-18 – Mars in Pisces
  • moons_piscol-18 – Moon in Pisces
  • chirons_piscol-18 – Chiron in Pisces

That’s a lot of planetary weight in one sign! Which generally means that the archetypal symbolism of the sign (in this case, ultra-watery Pisces), becomes manifest and is easily seen in our everyday lives.

Grand Cardinal Cross of January 11-13, 2017


  • moons_cancol-18 – Moon in Cancer (full)
  • suns_capcol-18 – Sun in Capricorn
  • pluto2s_capcol-18 – Pluto in Capricorn
  • jupiters_libcol-18 – Jupiter in Libra
  • uranuss_aricol-18 – Uranus in Aries

Virgo Moon Opposite Pisces Stellium – January 15-17, 2017


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