Hillary’s Pain

I don’t know what the cause is (though I surmise a traumatic childhood along with innate sociopathic tendencies), but the woman has a deep well of emotional pain that she has never worked through and thus never healed.  It festers inside her.  And for her festering pain she intends to punish Americans (and Libyans, Syrians and Iraqis, Afghanis and Pakistanis, Ukrainians and Russians,  Mexicans, Hondurans and Haitians, Egyptians and Sudanese, Germans and French, Italians and Austrians and Swedes and so on and on…), as she has been doing for decades: projecting her pain onto the little people, taking it out on on total strangers – men, women and children completely unrelated to whatever is the root cause of the unfathomable, dark and twisted psychic complex the woman is afflicted with.  She is truly ill and a menace to the world.

I know this from studying her natal Scorpio stellium in tight square to her elevated malefic Leo triple conjunction.

So beware, liberty-loving Americans!  If she can just take the US Presidency, she can laser focus on us now.  She can really get her claws and stinger into us!

We should see the real Hillary in the next few days, probably on or about 11/04/16.  The violent, ruthless, spiteful, pathological Hillary, the one that a host of people who have had associations with her over the decades (including Secret Service agents, Arkansas State Policemen, and Bill’s sex partners and rape victims) have insisted is the true Hillary who most people rarely see because she’s so diabolically clever at masking herself. Well, no more.

Her mask came off for a few moments in Ft. Lauderdale today, but this is just a small revelation compared to what’s coming.

Welcome to the light, HRC.


A Glimpse of the Real Hillary (for the glorious visuals)

And here is the bone-chilling audio:

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