From Scrambled Eggs – August 21, 2015



Here are some of the cardinal eggs [i.e., social engineering projects] that the global elite have so lovingly tended lo these past seven years, during the 2008-2015 Cardinal Climax:


4) The massive expansion of the reach of information technology to, at once, entice more online information out of individuals while keeping them in line; broadening the surveillance state with the aim of tamping down dissent.


The joys of ubiquitous, always-connected, information technology? Scrambled [under the 2016 Grand Mutable Cross], as cyber-attacks increase and millions upon millions of individuals’ private data gets hacked, stolen, dumped and exposed, most notably that of senior government and military officials and corporate chieftains. 


A Big Day For The Astrologer

Trump, with the backing of tens of millions of Americans, takes over the Republican Party.

AUGUST 2, 2015

A family chat…


My responses in blue…



AUGUST 13, 2015





AUGUST 21, 2015

From Scrambled Eggs

The singling out of the white (American) (Christian) (heterosexual) male as the scapegoat for all political, religious and social ills? Scrambled, as these husbands, sons, fathers, and brothers and their wives, mothers, daughters and sisters lead Americans of all races, ethnicities, creeds and genders to Decision 2016, which will likely be Trump (assuming he survives the gauntlet of the upcoming Grand Mutable Cross). This will be a totally reactionary swing of the pendulum, but it’s so pent up and will have been so long in coming as to be unavoidable. It may resemble the Thermidorean Reaction of revolutionary France.



From Right On Cue


A day after the debates I wrote:

“My forecast, which was a hit, was for the period leading up to the debates, the debates themselves, and the period immediately after.  So, say, for the month of August, he’s America’s Golden Boy.  He’s likely to start hitting some major road blocks in September and October, so we’ll see how he handles them…. In my opinion, the Dems are already dead in the water.  So Trump’s loyalty to the Repubs may not be that big an issue.”

It’s gonna be intriguing to see how and where they come at Trump.

Like Daniel just said, “Love him or hate him, Trump ain’t no dummy.”  He’ll be ready for just about any attack, I imagine.


We may be about to see all-out war in the Republican Party.


The conjunction of planets near the king star Regulus is ongoing.

I’ve done quite a bit of study on this alignment in history, and the last time it occurred in just this way, it was called the Star of Bethlehem. Under which:

#1 – Jesus Christ was born.

#2 – The Emperor Augustus was named Pater Patriae (Father Of His Country) and his Augustan Forum was dedicated, along with the Temple of Mars Ultor.  This would have been a major deal in ancient Rome.

*Mars Ultor = Mars the Avenger


Obviously, Trump isn’t Christ.  But is he Caesar?







July 2016 Grand Water Trine

2016 Grand Water Trine consists of:

  • Moon in Cancer  moons_cancol-18
  • Sun in Cancer  suns_cancol-18
  • Mercury in Cancer mercurys_cancol-18
  • Venus in Cancer  venuss_cancol-18
  • Mars in Scorpio  marss_scocol-18
  • Chiron in Pisces  chirons_piscol-18
  • Neptune in Pisces  neptunes_piscol-18

In the chart above, we see Mercury, Sun, Venus and Moon (a stellium of planets) in Cancer in the lower right quadrant.  They are connected by a blue line (trine, or 120 degrees) to Mars in Scorpio at the top of the chart (the midheaven), which is connected by trine to Neptune and Chiron in Pisces in the lower left of the chart, which are then connected by trine to the Cancer stellium.  This is a Grand Trine in Water Signs.

The Moon conjoins the Sun at 5:01 am CDT, about 18 hours before the Grand Water Trine perfects.  The new Moon in Cancer alone is enough to intensify any watery event as a result of increased tidal activity.  But to have Mercury and Venus in Cancer and the other two water signs emphasized by planetary placement as well is an indicator of big water.

We might see flood-tides, heavy downpours and generally soaking wet conditions.  With Jupiter in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn (the two main components of the 2016 Grand Earth Trine) in sextile and opposition aspects to the Grand Water Trine (not to mention the North and South Nodes of the Moon), muddy conditions as well as landslides may be on tap.

The Grand Water Trine will be in orb until July 18, resulting in rainy and perhaps cooler-than-usual conditions.  After that, we can look forward to a blistering late July and August under the fiery Mars/Antares/Saturn conjunction.

Note:  Other trends we might see under the Grand Water Trine that go along with the meme of “flood” are

  • A flood of central bank currency
  • A flood of refugees/migrants
  • A flood of information leaks

Both of the above occurred time and again under the 2013, 2014 and 2015 iterations of the Grand Water Trine.