2016 Grand Mutable Cross III – June 18


2016 Grand Mutable Cross III consists of:

*P=Paris (11/13/15)    *SB=San Bernardino (12/2/15)    *B=Brussels (3/22/16)  

*SJ=San Jose (6/2/16)    *O=Orlando (6/12/16)

  • Moon in Sagittarius moons_sagcol-18 (P)
  • Saturn/Antares in Sagittarius saturnαs_sagcol-18 (P, SB, B, SJ, O)
  • Sun in Gemini suns_gemcol-18 (SJ, O)
  • Mercury in Gemini mercurys_gemcol-18 (new > mode of transportation)
  • Jupiter in Virgo jupiters_vircol-18  (P, SB, B, SJ, O)
  • Chiron in Pisces chirons_piscol-18  (P, SB, B, SJ, O)
  • Neptune in Pisces neptunes_piscol-18  (P, SB, B, SJ, O)


UPDATE (June 26, 2016) – Although there was no act of mass political or terrorist violence that I am aware of, there were a few isolated incidents. The following is not by any means an exhaustive list, but rather only a sampling.

In Las Vegas on June 18, 2016 concurrent with Grand Mutable Cross III:

“Someone needed to stop Trump”: Would-be British assassin says he did it for the US

Michael Sandford is being held in isolation after allegedly trying to grab a policeman’s gun at a Republican Party rally in Las Vegas for the presidential candidate

This occurred in the run-up to the USA Republican nomination.


Just two days earlier, another British man with mental health problems, Thomas Mair, was successful in assassinating British Labour MP Joe Cox:


This occurred in the run up to the UK “Brexit” referendum.


Just three days before that, we have the following near Paris:

Killer of 2 French police officers was previously sentenced on terrorism-related charges

Larossi Aballa


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