Tracking Mars’ 2016 Transit of Scorpio/Sagittarius and the Mars/Antares/Saturn Conjunction (February through September)

MaSaAn 02-17-16
a) 02/17/16 – Mars, in direct motion, enters its retrograde shadow at 24 Scorpio (stage top right); begins its first slow approach to Antares/Saturn.


MaSaAn 03-05-16
b) 03/05/16 – Mars enters Sagittarius, continues applying direct to Antares/Saturn.
MaSaAn 03-26-16
c) 03/26/16 – Mars closes distance in direct motion toward Antares; as Saturn (stage left) stations retrograde at 17 Sagittarius toward its second conjunction with Antares.
MaSaAn 04-17-16 2
d) 04/17/16 – Mars stops in his tracks, within one degree of exact conjunction, stationing retrograde at 9 Sagittarius. Antares is at 10 and Saturn retrograde at 16 Sagittarius.
MoMaSaAn 05-22-16
e) 05/22/16 – Full Moon at 16 Sagittarius, illuminating Mars retrograde at 2, Antares at 10, and Saturn retrograde at 14: a Sagittarius Stellium!
MaSaAn 05-28-16
f) 05/28/16 – Mars backs away from Antares/Saturn (stage right), entering Scorpio once again, but this time in retrograde motion.
MaSaAn 06-29-16
g) 06/29/16 – Mars, at its furthest retrograde point from Antares/Saturn; now stations to direct motion in 24 Scorpio, whence it will begin a second slow approach to conjunction (stage right).
MaSaAn 08-02-16
h) 08/02/16 – Mars enters Sagittarius for the second time, closing the distance between himself and Antares/Saturn.
MaSaAn 08-09-16
i) 08/09/16 – Mars is getting closer as the second exact conjunction (the retrograde conjunction) of Antares and Saturn occurs.
MaSaAn 08-16-16
j) 08/16/16 – Mars is almost there, as Saturn stations to direct motion and conjoins Antares for the third time.
MaSaAn 08-24-16
k) 08/24/16 – Mars/Antares/Saturn in exact conjunction at 10 Sagittarius.
MaSaAn 08-30-16
l) 08/30/16 – Mars at 15 Sagittarius separates stage left from Antares/Saturn.
MaSaAn 09-17-16
m) 09/17/16 – Mars at 25 Sagittarius putting some distance between himself and Antares/Saturn at 10 and 11, respectively.
MaSaAn 09-27-16 2
n) 09/27/16 – Mars exits stage left, entering Capricorn and leaving Antares at 10 and Saturn at 12 Sagittarius.

Should be a hell of a summer on the world stage.

Hat tip to the wonderful planetarium software Stellarium for the images.