Spring 2016 Earthquake Window

as20160416001154_commPictured Above: The Aso-Ohahi (Aso Large Bridge) tumbled into the Kurokawa river in the village of Minami-Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, on April 16 after another big earthquake. (Yuta Takahashi)

I wrote “Possible EQs!” (below) in the late summer of 2015 as one of those forecasts that covers months into the future.  I was pretty sure a major earthquake window was opening, but I suspected that there wasn’t enough Taurus energy (being springtime energy) in the early stages of the 2015-16 Grand Earth Trine for solid manifestation of the energies at play.

Jupiter in Virgo – check.  Pluto in Capricorn – check. But tiny, fleeting Moon in Taurus once a month? Not quite enough.

We’re there now, though.  Sun enters Taurus on 04/19/16 in opposition to the full Moon in Scorpio.  Mercury is in Taurus for an extended stay, turning retrograde on 04/28/16A day later, on 04/29/16, Venus enters the Sign of the Bull.  When the Moon arrives there on 05/05/16, we’ll have a stellium of planets in fixed, earthy Taurus that will be contacting the other two planets (Jupiter, Pluto) in the other two earth signs (Virgo, Capricorn) by 120 degree trines.

Through Jupiter in mutable earth Virgo, the Grand Earth Trine (loosening) will contact the Grand Mutable Cross (tightening).  More on the Grand Mutable Cross, which includes Mars/Antares/Saturn, to come.

This tightening>loosening>tightening dynamic has already shown itself through releases of geological and tectonic stresses underneath Myanmar, Japan, and Ecuador – all with just quicksilver Mercury in Taurus!  But there may be more to come along these lines as Sun and Venus approach.

Anyway, here are the relevant excerpts from my 09/01/15 earthquake forecast (sent by email), with the most important passage in italics.  I also discuss earlier configurations from 2012-2015 and some corresponding world events.

——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Possible EQs!
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2015 17:40:06 -0500
From: Sara <…net>
To: Hub <…net>, Dad <…com>, Barb <…com>

September 1, 2015

Possible EQs!


1) 08/31/15: Opposition on the Earth-Water Axis of the Grand Mutable Cross – Sun in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces.

2) 09/03/15: Grand Earth Trine – Moon in Taurus + Sun/Jupiter in Virgo + Pluto in Capricorn.

3) 09/17/15: Opposition on the Earth-Water Axis of the Grand Mutable Cross – Jupiter in Virgo Opposite Neptune in Pisces.

The first configuration above (180 degree opposition) represents a tightening of energy; the second (120 degree trine) is a loosening; and the third (180 degree opposition), a tightening again.


The action would indeed seem similar to birth pangs.



This process will repeat several times over the next year, as it did during the years of the Grand Cardinal Cross and Grand Water Trine (2012-2015).  During those years, the tightening-followed-by-loosening-followed-by-tightening was keenly felt in the natural world. This dynamic kicked off in the fall of 2012 with Hurricane Sandy.  There was major flooding all over world for several years running.  Also, repeated southerly incursions of the Polar Vortex led to relentless successions of record-breaking winter storms in 2013-14 and 2014-15.

The dynamic was apparent in the monetary system as well, though the venerable financial engineers at the Federal Reserve chose to focus on the “loosening” part of the process much more than the “tightening” part. With incessant bursts from their liquidity hose, to the tune of $85 billion a month, they managed to prop up the stock and debt markets even to this day. However, by ignoring or, indeed, actively suppressing, the necessary “tightening” part of the process (which should have followed “loosening” like night follows day), the Money Masters have guaranteed that the “tightening” action, when it inevitably arrives, will be difficult if not impossible to mitigate with further monetary “loosening”, i.e. quantitative “easing” or, simply, money printing.


It should be intriguing to see how this dynamic of
“tightening>loosening>tightening” manifests through the 2015-16 Grand Mutable Cross and Grand Earth Trine. One can only imagine how it might play out geologically.  Relentless succession of earthquakes?  That’s a strong possibility.


This now qualifies as an “astro-hit”!

The Mars/Antares/Saturn Conjunction

Photo at spaceweather.comZodiac15

This brilliant grouping of heavenly bodies can be seen rising in the east-southeast around midnight CST.

Mars – 8 degrees, 54 minutes of Sagittarius (mars 8 s_sagcol-18 54)

Antares 9 degrees, 47 minutes of Sagittarius (α 9 s_sagcol-18 47)

Saturn  15 degrees, 58 minutes of Sagittarius (saturn 15 s_sagcol-18 58)

High and potentially dangerous drama to occur under this conjunction of two planets and a fixed star.

Red Antares is a fixed star, a higher octave of Mars, associated with such Mars attributes as aggression, heat, and impulsiveness.  Under Mars and Antares, events of a martial nature could occur and escalate.  A combative streak is evident in people and events.  The fact that Mars (the ancient malefic) is stationing retrograde near Antares increases the explosive potential in people and events; in frequency and magnitude; since Mars is up close and personal during this time.

The probability of terrorist attacks, domestic and international, is quite high, as is political violence around the USA presidential election.  Antares is within one degree of opposition to the USA natal Uranus in Gemini.  Mars is now stationing retrograde opposite that natal Uranus.  This is a volatile signature.

9/11 Planetary Signature In Play

A quick historical note is that the natal USA Uranus in Gemini was being contacted by Saturn in Gemini on 9/11.

Currently, Saturn (the other ancient malefic) is in orb as well, focusing and crystallizing the above potentials. In December 2015, Saturn opposed Uranus in Gemini in the USA natal chart and conjoined Antares in the sky.  Under these Saturn/Antares contacts, the international terror attack at San Bernardino, CA occurred, as did the dire escalation of domestic terror from the radical regressive American left.

Saturn then went on in January to make the first of three conjunctions to the natal USA Ascendant in Sagittarius.  A quick historical note is that the natal USA Ascendant in Sagittarius was being contacted by Pluto in Sagittarius on 9/11.

Back in the present, the second conjunction of Saturn in Sagittarius in the sky to the natal USA Ascendant (the retrograde conjunction) occurs on 06/02/16, very close to the crucial California primary, so that Americans of all stripes should expect and prepare for more of both kinds of terrorism, especially with a retrograding Mars now in the mix.  This dynamic will be in play through July and the Republican and Democratic Conventions and into August.

Sagittarius can be a loose cannon if not properly channeled. The mutable, fiery energy becomes wild, chaotic.  The problem is, it’s really not in the Jupiter-ruled Archer’s nature to be controlled. This half man, half horse creature will not be harnessed. Once his arrows start flying, great creation or great destruction, as well as great hilarity, can ensue, depending on whether the arrows fly true or willy-nilly.

Besides acts of war, terrorism, and political violence, the influence of Mars/Antares/Saturn in Sagittarius can be seen in the natural world in the activation of fault lines along the Ring of Fire. As well, it could be a major wildfire summer, especially in late July and August.