France: Be Careful What You Wish For

I wrote this four days after the January 7, 2015 Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.
France - Unity
January 11, 2015
France: Be Careful What You Wish For

The chart below shows the configuration of the heavens on the day of the Charlie Hebdo Massacre in Paris, with particular emphasis on the Double Boomerang pointing to Moon and Jupiter. This Double Boomerang contacted some very sensitive and volatile energetic points in the natal charts of France – points that have characterized France’s evolution as a republic.

What has recently transpired in France raises concerns, as powerful latent energies are activated.  And the Double Boomerang has quite a bit of life on it – at least another couple months, at which point it will get caught up not only in the powerful geocosmic signatures of the seventh Uranus-Pluto Square (U-Plu VII) and the Lunar Eclipse Tetrad (Blood Moon III), but of the 2015 Grand Fire Trine (2015 GFT) as well.

Double Boomerang of January 7, 2015
Boomerang - France 1
The Double Boomerang Consists of:
  • Moon in Leo moons_leocol-18
  • Jupiter in Leo  jupiters_leocol-18
  • Mercury in Aquarius  mercurys_aqucol-18
  • Venus in Aquarius  venuss_aqucol-18
  • Mars in Aquarius  marss_aqucol-18
  • Sun in Capricorn  suns_capcol-18
  • Pluto in Capricorn  pluto2s_capcol-18
  • Chiron in Pisces  chirons_piscol-18
  • Neptune in Pisces  neptunes_piscol-18
We also have the beginnings of the 2015-2017 Grand Fire Trine:
  • Moon in Leo  moons_leocol-18
  • Jupiter in Leo  jupiters_leocol-18
  • Saturn in Sagittarius  saturns_sagcol-18
  • Uranus in Aries  uranuss_aricol-18
  • Moon’s South Node in Aries  southnodes_aricol-18

Technicals (by chart line color):

  • Highlighted in red – the Leo/Aquarius Axis emphasized by planetary placement, e.g., Moon and Jupiter at the top of the chart in Leo opposing Mercury, Venus and Mars in Aquarius at the bottom. This opposition is the focus of the Boomerang.


  • Highlighted in brown – also in the bottom of the chart, we see an array of planets on either side of the opposition forming quincunxes to Moon and Jupiter: Sun and Pluto in Capricorn on the one hand; and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces on the other. These form the wings of the Boomerang.

moonjupiters_leocol-18quincunxsunpluto2s_capcol-18 + quincunxchironneptunes_piscol-18

  • Highlighted in blue – the other two elements of the 2015 Grand Fire Trine: Saturn in early Sagittarius plus Uranus and the Moon’s South Node in Aries forming trines to Moon in Leo.


It is a highly tense configuration and, as can be seen in the charts below, it falls right on sensitive points in historical France’s charts. That is, it falls right on the Leo/Aquarius Axis, which is emphasized by planetary placement the charts of the First Republic and the Fifth Republic.


The First Republic – September 22, 1792

France - 1st Rep - LeoAqua

For the purposes of this analysis, the relevant aspect in the chart above is the Uranus-Pluto Opposition in Leo-Aquarius, highlighted in red.
This would have occurred at the height of the French Revolution and, indeed, I can not imagine a more revolutionary meeting of planets.  Electric, rebellious Uranus in fiery, fixed Leo – Leo, the lion, the king, the heart – being itself enough to indicate monumental change in the central government of France, which, at that time, of course, was an actual monarchy (very Leonine).  With transformative Pluto exactly opposite in airy, fixed, revolutionary Aquarius (Uranus’ own sign, the water bearer, embodying the concept of “Liberté! Egalité! Fraternité!”), it became a fait accompli, as it were.


Uranus and Pluto in hard aspect to one another indicate the potential for extremism and dogmatism that can manifest in a particularly ruthless manner. There are no distinctions made between innocent and guilty, good and bad, truth and falsehood. Everyone and everything gets swept up in the furor.


That potential certainly crystallized in revolutionary France as the storming of the Bastille, the Reign of Terror, the advent of the guillotine, and the Thermidorean Reaction.   Under the Uranus-Pluto opposition in Leo and Aquarius, the French Revolution ate its own children. Since the latent energy thereof is being activated now, the French people would be wise to look at and understand their history as soberly and objectively as possible, so that they don’t misapply the concept of “Liberté! Egalité! Fraternité!” to people who either consciously do not share it or are incapable of sharing it.


The Fifth Republic – October 6, 1958

France - 5th Rep - LeoAqua

 166 years (two years shy of two full cycles of Uranus) after the French Revolution, as the Fifth Republic was constituted, we again find the Leo/Aquarius Axis emphasized by planetary placement, with Uranus returned to Leo and not Pluto but Chiron in Aquarius. This time, however, Leo (the king, the central government) is placed below the horizon and Aquarius (Liberté! Egalité! Fraternité!) above.

Chiron in a personal chart represents a childhood wounding. Thus, in the chart of a nation, it would indicate a national wounding in the nation’s early years.  Further, since the Fifth Republic Chiron is close to where the First Republic Pluto was, I interpret the Fifth Republic Chiron in Aquarius as indicative of a national wounding connected with the First Republic Pluto in Aquarius and the violent excesses of the French Revolution in the name of liberty, equality and fraternity. That wounding is expressed as a deep, sort of latent, antagonism toward central government, which results in a constant state of upheaval (Uranus) of central government (Leo). Hence, the Five Republics.

Double Boomerang of February 3, 2015
France - Boomerang 2-1-1

Technicals (by chart line color):

1)  Highlighted in red –  Moon and Jupiter in Leo opposite Sun and Mercury retrograde in Aquarius.


2)  Highlighted in brown – an array of planets on either side of the opposition forming quincunxes to Moon and Jupiter: Pluto in Capricorn on the one hand; and Venus,  Mars, Chiron and Neptune forming a stellium in Pisces on the other hand. More on that Pisces Stellium later.  It’s a biggie this year.

moonjupiters_leocol-18quincunxpluto2s_capcol-18 + quincunxvenusmarschironneptunes_piscol-18

3)  Highlighted in blue – a trine to Moon from Saturn in Sagittarius; and to Moon and Jupiter from Uranus and the Moon’s South Node in Aries. Thus, all the components of the 2015 Grand Fire Trine are represented.


4)  Highlighted in gray – the shadow of the Grand Cardinal Cross, composed of U-Plu VII and Blood Moon III.

uranuss_aricol-18squarepluto2s_capcol-18  U-Plu VII of March 2015

sunuranuss_aricol-18oppositionmoons_libcol-18  Blood Moon III of April 2015

In sum, this Boomerang is ongoing and will have several iterations, with a further one occurring in March that I haven’t looked at yet. If the events that occurred under the January Boomerang are any indication, France could be in for more trouble.

*Note about Jupiter’s placement in Leo: in the present-day chart, it is moving between the emphasized degrees of the Leo/Aquarius Axis in the historical charts.

In the First Republic chart, Uranus is placed at the 21st degree of Leo and Pluto at the 21st degree of Aquarius.  In the January Boomerang chart, Jupiter is at the 21st degree of Leo, exactly conjunct the First Republic Uranus and opposite the First Republic Pluto.

In the February Boomerang chart, Jupiter, currently retrograde, has moved back to the 18th degree of Leo, which is very close to the Fifth Republic Uranus (15 Leo) and the Fifth Republic Chiron (17 Aquarius).  The degree positions of the other planets involved in the Boomerang reflect a synchronous movement through the emphasized degrees of the historical charts.

Spring 2015: Uranus-Pluto VII and Blood Moon III to the Fifth Republic Chart

The Fifth Republic, with cardinal placements emphasized:

France - 5th Rep - Cardinal

France has an interesting complex of cardinal placements, most notably Sun and Mercury at 12 and 13 Libra, as well as Aries rising, that put it squarely in the path of U-Plu VII and Blood Moon III. The Moon’s North and South Nodes are also in Aries-Libra.  The significance of this is that all four of the Blood Moons (Sun-Moon oppositions) take place in Aries-Libra. There is much energy collected by now in those two signs.

And if you peek back at the February Boomerang, you’ll see the Cross just looming there in the background.  It’s going to come down on France’s chart pretty hard.

The overarching point here is this:  the timing of the terrorist attacks in France and the reaction to them (one of which appears to be, oddly enough, a crackdown on internet free speech by western governments; and the another is “Liberté! Egalité! Fraternité!”) suggests that related events will continue and intensify into Uranus-Pluto VII and Blood Moon III of 03/16/15 and 04/04/15, respectively.  If history is any guide, these events won’t be limited to France, either, but will spread, probably throughout Europe.  If history is any guide, we know what happens when Europe becomes unstable.

In closing, here is a picture from a recent article describing the Paris Unity rallies held in response to this Islamic terrorist massacre at Charlie Hebdo:

France - Liberte


All I can say is, be careful what you wish for…